Our Story


we created RIOT CLUB to evoke emotion, not just another brand, but rather a movement, a family, a culture of like minded people who look at society as not a way to blend in but to stand out. going against the grain, disruptive, creative and free thinking! We all want to live in a world where creativity and freedom is celebrated not suppressed, it is our purpose to create and inspire others.


founder Lee Murray has been a designer for over 15 years working in branding and marketing but has always had a very strong passion for fashion , he has started various labels and collaborated with some well known artists, but Riot Club is the right brand, right time & ethos for Lee.


Lee & his team are a creative collective who design and create all the Riot content in house. 

Riot aims to tread a fine balance between chaos, revolution, style and culture.

Whilst the brand name sounds harsh, there is a stylish approach to Riot Club's work, The brand possesses a cultural palette that crosses fashion , architecture and interior design.

"We love the idea of polar worlds clashing, in our case we think of ourselves as high fashion meets raw , street, youthful creators who just wanna change the world through art! We want our work to be of high quality, luxury, premium but also stand for something , a moving message and feeling, that will inspire people.